About Us

Our Vision

Bring the people to JESUS by winning the lost, building believers and sending them out for the ministry to honors God.

Our Mission

  • Guide people to live with Christ.
  • Bring new souls to Christ.
  • Reflect JESUS in our daily life.
  • Prepare people for JESUS Second coming.
  • Developing unity among the believers and carrying out church activity like early apostles.
  • Preparing the individuals to carryout Lords ministry through establishing Bible college.
  • Build homes to orphans, widows and handicapped etc.

Victory of Jesus Ministries - History

Bro. Jagan Samuel is the founder of Victory of Jesus Ministry, He is a Prophetic- evangelist, who has been an instrument for the revival of youth in Dharapuram, He immersed in prayer and fasting for 40 days in the Lords presence like Moses, Lord gave him a vision to start the ministry in 2010. Victory of Jesus Ministry was established by the grace of God as per

“We have complete victory through HIM who loves us.” Romans 8:37

He is a young and dynamic worship leader, a chosen vessel for Lords ministry. As like John the Baptist his emphasis is to prepare people for second coming of Jesus, like apostles he reflects Jesus in his day to day life. He dedicated his life and talents for the glory of the Lord.

About Bro.Jagan

Bro.Jagan Samuel is a noted Prophet, Preacher, and a councilor. His ministry aims to bring the youth to Christianity, and lift them up to the level of delivering ministry to the humanity.

Bro. Jagan Testimony

Bro Jagan Samuel, though he was born from a Christian family, his life was not with Jesus. In the age of twenty, he had a serious family problem. He went to the stage to undergo suicide. That time he thought to read the Bible once, (which was presented by his friend). While he was reading the Bible he felt the true love of God. From that time onwards his total life was changed and he decided to live as per the word of God. He accepted the Lord’s calling to do Ministry.